ZONE 5 - MOUNTAINS Zone 5: Pink This was the least visited of all of the zones. These were either too far away, too dangerous, or just impractical. Mountains- Mountains were too tall to climb and they took to much energy to explore. They were also very cold and freezing to death was a very real danger. Mountains and Dangers - In the mountains there is a higher chance of being bitten by one of the 18 venomous indigenous snakes such as the Fer-de-lance, which, if bitten, would kill you within one hour. Or...being attacked by a large cat such as a puma or a jaguar which like to hang in the tops of trees, jump down from behind and snap your neck and/or crush your skull with one bite. There's also howler monkeys who hang out in packs of 40. They can tear your arms off. Personal Property- As I said before, the locals grew 70% of the food they ate, and stealing that food would likely get your hands cut off with a machete. Plus, where people lived was too far away and wouldn't be practical. Lack of vegetation- The topsoil would also be more plentiful in flatter areas and less so on the higher parts the mountain because of the rainwater. This means that less edible fruits and vegetables would grow there.

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