ZONE 4 - GOING FURTHER Zone 4: Green In this area I would harvest wild plantains and bananas from the side and at the base of the local mountains. They were also available on the beachfront. I could also get coconuts, crabs, and sometimes meet the locals. Coconuts- Coconuts are a great source of hydration. You can drink the milk inside the coconut and eat the 'meat.' You need to be careful because coconuts are a diuretic. Diarrhea dehydrates you, and dehydration can lead to death in the wilderness. Using coconuts exclusively would be counter-productive. Also, one needs to be careful when climbing a coconut tree, as you can fall and break your leg, which could lead to death. Mature and Spouting Coconuts and Wild Mushrooms

Halloween Crabs- Halloween crabs (also known as Jack-o’-lantern crabs) were my second main source of protein and are a huge source of calcium and minerals. They are nocturnal. Cooked Halloween Crabs

Plantains- A good fruit that stores well, you can pick and eat them at any stage - green, yellow and black. You do have to cook them. Take one and place it on hot coals. Without oil or seasoning, they are similar to dry, hard, tasteless potatoes. Ripening & Ripe Plantains

Termites- Termites are a great source of protein. They contain three times the amount of protein as beef. You can eat them uncooked. Harvesting Wild Termites

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