ZONE 2: FRESH FLOWING WATER Zone 2: Blue Zone 2 ( blue) This was nearby the local rivers. Where there is fresh water, there is life. Animals will always be attracted to bodies of water, a continual renewable source of food, water, and comfort. Clean water- I could bathe in the water and clean my clothing/belongings. Drinking- I found water where there was a heavy current. That is the water that you want to boil. Checking the Water- Put your hands in the current, splash around and cup the water in your hands. If there are a lot of standing bubbles, the water isn't clean. Cane Toads- The river was a great place to go to gather Cane Toads which are indigenous to Costa Rica. I used Cane Toads as my main source of protein. I used a swift, humane and instant technique to end their lives so they would not suffer at all. I would make an incision right above the hips and slice around the body. I would then cut off the feet from the ankles and pull the skin off around its' legs. Then I would cut through the lower vertebrae to remove the legs from the body, which contains a significant amount of meat. You have to be very careful about the poison that would ooze out of the shoulders. Even as an afterlife reflex it would seep out every time. If the poison was ingested I could have developed the symptoms of labored breathing, full-body rash, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and finally, possible cardiac arrest. Cane Toads- Killed, Field Dressed & Eaten Fishing- Fresh, wild fish were plentiful. I was able to acquire some fishing hooks and a line. The hooks where either too big or too small. For bait I tried using were spiders, shrimp, frog guts, worms and old meat. None of it seemed to work. It was taking too much energy to try to fish, and too much exposure during the day, so this didn't work out for me. Other Game- There was a large number of other animals in and around the river, too many in fact to name them all. It had snakes, Caimans, Parrots ect. Without- Without the river, my entire way of living would have changed. I'm not sure if I could have done this without the river.

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