Aloha! My name is Daniel Johnson. I'm a time-based artist (animation, film, multimedia), writer and social activist living in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. I'm interested in ecologically-sustainable technologies, movements and events that include bamboo, renewable-engergy, industrial hemp, organic living, cruelty-free vegan living, raw/live-food, intentional communities, eco-villages, body-positive values, and human-powered transportation. Oh yeah, I'm addicted to Wikis!

I currently have a 100 sq foot plot at Picardo Farm P-Patch and I am also on the Picardo Farm P-Patch Composting Toilet Committee. Some of my current favorite plants include my goji berry trees (bought some starts), miner's lettuce, fringe cup, Fernleaf Fiddlehead, Italian parsley, apple mint and lots of strawberries!

I also have a job working outside with plants, people and parks!

In March 2009 I started a Permaculture Design Certification Course at Raw Vegan Source (Raw Vegan Source event link) (Permaculture Forum link) taught by Jenny Pell (of Permaculture Now!), Marisha Auerbach (also of Permaculture Now!, Wild Thyme Farm and Herb'n Wisdom), and guest instructors Christy Nieto, Kelda Miller (Divine Earth Gardening Project) and Tom Armstrong (Raw Vegan Source).

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