Tat is an English phase for useful material just on the right side of junk.

Zone 0 - the home
this is another essay in itself
Zone 1 - around the home
lost and/or broken trowel, heavy items awaiting transportation, such as empty gas cylinders or the fork you really should put away
Zone 2 - veg plot/garden
plants pots, a broken rake, more plant pots, slightly rotten garden chairs
Zone 3 - main crop
main tat pile, various items of building materials, broken tractor (fixable), useful bits of metal which may find a uses some day, scrap wood and pallets that at one time 'might come in useful' but are now too rotten, other bulk storage
Zone 4 - semi-wild/woodland
half roles of fencing, a few scattered fence posts, fencing tools now lost under a pile of brambles, abandoned caravan
Zone 5 - wilderness
a burnt out car, an unidentified object which boggles the mind how it got there in the first place
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