This list provides an overview of topics related to organic farming and gardening. The focus is broadly inclusive. Many topics are not exclusively within the domain of organic growing, but apply to all types of agriculture and gardening. Others, such as the list of animals, insects, and microorganisms under "Soil life", are not gardening topics at all, but do directly concern the basic principles of organic culture. There are some exceptions to the inclusiveness. In "Tools" and "Techniques", where farming is concerned, the emphasis is on smaller-scale organic production tools and methods, somewhat to the exclusion of the methods of large-scale organic operations (which are nonetheless increasingly common).


  • Mesofauna: size range 100 micrometre-2 mm, e.g.,

Soil fertilityEdit

Composting methods and systems





Pruning and tree care;


Wildlife in the gardenEdit


Organic farming and gardening systems and approachesEdit

The ornamental organic gardenEdit

Pests and diseasesEdit

Nutrient deficiencies
  • Plant pathology (ie, plant diseases caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc)

==Weeds== (see also 'weed control techniques' above)

Organic organisationsEdit

Some important figures in organic farming and gardeningEdit

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